THOMSEN-FONAGER is a specialised Danish law firm founded by Bjarke Fonager Larsen and Mikkel Theilade Thomsen, both with a professional background from Denmark’s leading law firm, Kromann Reumert.

Our hallmarks are quality, partner attention and commercial insight, and we have an unwavering dedication to exceeding our clients' expectations in each matter we have been entrusted. Having worked with some of the most difficult legal cases in Denmark, we are used to navigating in complexity, and we strive to deliver the market leading legal service our clients expect and deserve.

At THOMSEN-FONAGER, we focus exclusively on commercial clients, but our client portfolio spans both small, medium sized and large companies and corporations. Despite this diversity, it’s a common feature for all our clients that they prioritise partner attention and a strong cost/value ratio but cannot afford to compromise on quality.

We hope you find the information you need on this page and you are more than welcome to contact us if you would like to learn more.

We have an unwavering dedication to exceeding our clients’ expectations in each matter we have been entrusted.

Key Areas of Expertise

“We are not a full service law firm, but we excel at what we do…”


We provide market leading legal advice and case management in all phases and aspects of disputes - from the initial positioning and negotiation to the conduct of litigation/arbitration proceedings. As a main rule, conflicts should be solved before they escalate, but when an amicable solution cannot be reached, we devise optimum procedural tactics to ensure the best outcome for our clients.


A successful M&A-transaction requires a combination of extensive legal experience, effective process management, solid negotiating skills and deep commercial insight. We have advised on numerous transactions and have unique experience with small and medium sized transactions across a large number of sectors. The earlier we are involved in the process, the more impact our advice will have.


With our extensive experience with company and commercial law you can expect competent, accessible and commercial thought-through advice. Regardless of whether you face a critical decision or just need input to the legal aspects of your day-to-day business operations, we are confident that you will find our advice value-adding and to the point.


Investments and restructuring processes are both transactions that can turn out to be decisive for the future of a business. Regardless of whether you restructure to optimize/adjust an existing business set-up, or you invest to create a stronger position for the future, our experience enables us to assist you navigating the many rules and considerations.


Employment law is the discipline stipulating the extent and limits of the employer’s managerial authority. The legal discipline is governed by numerus laws, regulations and collective agreements, and the relevant case law is quite comprehensive. As a result, the need for specialized legal advice has grown in recent years, and we strive to ensure that our advice addresses your specific needs.


When a business experiences financial distress, several parties need to attend to and ensure their respective interests. It is by no means only the owners that are affected - the interests of the employees, management, business partners and creditors are also on the line. We advise on many aspects of Danish insolvency law, and we have a special insight into cases pertaining to avoidance and adjudication of claims in bankruptcy estates



Mikkel T. Thomsen

Partner, Attorney (Supreme Court)

Litigation & Arbitration
General Commercial Law
Employment Law


Bjarke F. Larsen
PArtner, Attorney,


Company & Commercial
M&A & Investments
Energy and Utilities

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