E-mail   :    bfl@tf-law.dk      Mobile   : +45 51 95 94 67

E-mail: bfl@tf-law.dk

Mobile: +45 51 95 94 67

Bjarke Fonager Larsen

Partner, attorney-at-law, MBA

Bjarke’s main areas of practice are mergers and acquisitions (M&A), investments, restructuring, and company law. Further, Bjarke has extensive experience with a broad portfolio of matters pertaining to Danish general commercial law, including drafting and negotiation of business contracts. Bjarke has a solid commercial understanding, ensuring that his advice goes beyond the pure legal aspects. As an example of his commercial indsights, Bjarke has graduated from Germany’s leading business school with the highest grade point average in the history of the school.

Bjarke’s passion is to shepherd complex and exciting business opportunities through the execution process to help clients achieve their goals on time and on budget. To this end, Bjarke strives to give understandable and actionable advice and insists that speed and quality are not mutually exclusive.



Selected awards

  • Academic Award, ESMT, Berlin (2016)

  • Faculty Award, ESMT, Berlin (2016)

  • Honors, MBA, ESMT, Berlin (2016)

  • ROID's sable of honour, ROID (2004)